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Georgia Buyers

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Checklist for Buying Your Home
1. Get Ready To Buy Your Home
• To be successful, you need to get organized and have a plan
• Do you know what you want in a home?
• Finances to buy a home? earnest money deposit, downpayment, closing costs
• Get your financial house in order – credit score
2. Select a Real Estate Agent When You Buy A Home
• Real Estate Agents offer expertise, experience and knowledge to guide you-selection to closing
• Home seller pays the real estate agent’s commission, choose one you can “Trust”
3. Get Loan Preapproval
• Meet with a mortgage lender—ask your Real Estate Agent for a “Referred Lender List”
• Get “preapproved” for a loan—submit application with credit, finances and work history
• Request a preapproval letter—determines affordability and shows seller you are serious
4. Target Your Search, Look At Properties And Choose A Home
• Home search should be selective based on location, affordability and home features
• Be efficient when looking at homes, stay focused on your predetermined goals
• Choose a home you can afford which fits your family’s lifestyle for years to come
5. Real Estate Bargaining: Offers, Counteroffers and Negotiation
• Your REALTOR® will help you determine a suitable offer price and terms
• Counteroffers are part of the negotiation process, your Real Estate Agent will make recommendations with your best interest in mind
• A compromise between buyer and seller will result in a successful sale
6. Get Home Inspection
• Give you a professional assessment of a home’s condition prior to acceptance
• Other inspections can include the roof, irrigation system, hvac, pool, well or septic system.
7. Do A Title Search and Finalize Your Financing
• Title search provides proof that the owner has valid title to the property they are selling
• Title insurance, paid at closing, is necessary to insure title against errors and flaws
• Finalize your preapproved financing with your mortgage lender
8. Obtain Homeowner Insurance
• Required by lenders, protects homeowner in catastrophe due to fire, theft, liability
• Flood insurance is required in high-risk, flood-prone areas, issued by Federal government
• Home warranties -1 year service agreement for resales; builder provided for new homes
9. Closing on Your Home
• All criteria must be met prior to closing: financing, contingencies, home inspection, lender requirements, title search, title insurance, termite inspections, appraisals and surveys
• Final walk through of the property by home buyer to ensure no “material changes”, any required repairs have been completed and the home is vacant and clean
• At closing: title transferred, buyer receives keys, seller gets paid, paperwork signed
10. After Closing
• Safeguard settlement papers, transfer utilities, confirm property deed records
• Contact us for professional vendor recommendations
• Consider performing uncompleted repairs as noted on the home inspection

How We Help You Buy a Home
• Buyer Orientation | Initial Consultation
• Explanation of Agency Relationships
• Explanation of Transaction Costs
• Explanation of Our Role
• Explanation of Our Duties and Responsibilities
• Explanation of Commissions and How We are Compensated
• Assistance with Mortgage Pre-Approval
• Estimate of Your Required Funds
• Effective Listening of Your Search Criteria
• Email Daily Listings of Homes
• Property Showings | Previews
• Offer Preparation
• Market Analysis
• Required Property Disclosures
• Contract Presentation or Submission
• Contract Negotiations
• What’s Next Checklist
• Contingency Removals
• Attendance at Your Home Inspection
• Scheduling Your Closing
• Attendance at Your Pre-Closing Walk-Thru Inspection
• Attendance at Your Closing
• Post-Closing Support
• Market Conditions Updates
• 100% Satisfaction Guarantee