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Promoting your home requires a specialized approach because each home is unique, the marketplace is always in flux, interest rates frequently change and new buyers search for homes each day.

In such a dynamic marketplace, you can get better sales results by working with Peachtree Fine Properties. We craft marketing plans tailored for your individual home, market conditions and home buyers. As experienced REALTORS®, our marketing efforts are based on extensive training, using proven successful strategies in previous transactions and ongoing research of industry best practices.

How Peachtree Fine Properties Can Help You Promote Your Home
Peachtree Fine Properties will execute strategies and programs to get your home sold. Typically this includes a step-by-step plan of action, custom color home brochures, placement on the local MLS and real estate Web sites, as well as related marketing, advertising and networking, agent access to the home via the use of a lock box and networking with both local and out-of-town real estate agents.

Much of an agent’s work will be quiet and unseen – yet important: The telephone calls, the work with contacts, the follow-ups with visitors, conversations with real estate agents, the Web postings and other outreach efforts are all part of the process required to sell homes.

Marketing Your Home on the Internet
Peachtree Fine Properties will advertise your home online. The Internet is a vital marketing tool for home sellers and has two important roles in the real estate selling process.

First, it is a “place” to view real estate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and all from the comfort of home or office. There are many real estate sites, including individual agent sites, real estate franchise and brokerage sites, and also industry sites.

Second, and equally as important, the Internet offers immediate communication via e-mail and instant messaging and gives Peachtree Fine Properties and consumers more opportunities to keep in touch.

Marketing your home works best when using a combination of marketing strategies, knowing the local market conditions and having contact with buyers and other real estate agents. Working with Peachtree Fine Properties gives you valuable expertise in all areas related to marketing your home to buyers.